Hey Lou

Hello Lou,

how are you?

Are currently down,

are you feeling blue?

Are you counting the stars,

searching for love,

and aproval for the person that you are?

Are you waiting for hope,

waiting for light,

waiting for something to take away your plight?

Are you tied of fighting

for something more,

for that what lies beyond the darken door?


Well here I am to remind you,

that you are beautiful the way you are.

That you have so much to give,

because I know you have a big heart.

I am here to remind you that you are strong,

and can overcome whatever battle your locked on,

and make it through another day,

because I believe in you,

and your strength.


I am here to say,

"Hey, beatuiful, it will be okay."

I am here to remind you that I love you,

perhaps not in the way you'd wish,

but I do love you my dear friend,

even if we are miles away.

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