Letting go

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Just when I think that I am starting to feel okay, Something sets me back, and I find myself crying the next day. Everything that happened continues to mess with my head,
Just when I started to feel upset, it all started to come true, That the dreams that I had working for were finally coming through.
I read the post and I immediately thought of you, And I know that that is something that I shouldn’t do. But when I read it, my brain began to wonder if it was just a coincidence,
I still remember the story that you told me, About how your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad until they came to be. How they grew up together, and your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad,
Two weeks to the day was when things ended between you and I, And I no longer feel the need to sit here and ask myself why. Why I wasn’t good enough for you, and why I couldn’t be what you wanted,
This whole time I wanted to blame her, but I realized that is something that I would never do, Because the only person who is to blame in this mess is you.
I hate the games that our generation likes to play, And it has made me lose faith in trying to find love someday. Because no one can actually choose to say how they feel,
Waves One second you are fine, and the next second it hurts again, Because I don’t even care that I lost you as a lover, but part of me still does miss you as a friend.
At first it was hard to see them go by, Because they reminded me of my one and only guy. The guy who had my heart from the start,
So I guess I gave you the benefit of the doubt and I gave you too much credit, And I wish I could go back to the start of our story and provide it with a few edits.
Can I sit here and say that I am starting to let it go? Or is this a lie, and it is something that I already know. During the day I am fine, and then I fall apart most nights,
When we met, things were falling apart, And you were the only one who was able to help me heal from the start. When my world was ending, you made me believe in hope and love once again,
The day that you left, it felt like my whole world came crashing down, And that there was no way that I was going to be able to pick myself up off of the ground.
So here we are, trying to pick up the pieces of the mess that you made, And the damage that you caused is going to need a lot more than a band-aid.
Fuck all of you for constantly making me feel this way, For needing to fight the urge to end it every single day. Fuck you for constantly making me need to be the bigger person,
It's funny how life decides to teach you lessons in the hardest way, And that most of the time, you don't know what else you can do, think, or say. For the first time in a long time, I am finally starting to feel like me again,
I am no longer going to let you get in my head and make me feel like there is something wrong with me, All because you can't see all of the potential that I have and all of the things that I can be.
I tell myself that I don't want anything more to do with you, But it is hard to convince yourself of that after everything that we have been through. I tell myself that I don't care whether or not you leave me on read,
This back and fourth bullshit from you is something that I told myself I would never deal with, But I decided that when it comes to you, I can't deal with it anymore, and I have decided to plead the fifth.
  PLACES IN MY LONELY HEART by Debi Lyn ~ Fri 11/04/22 @ ~ 10:30 pm   The boys out there simply can’t compare
As I have gotten older, I realized a couple of things about who I am, And that is that I tend to leave a lot of how I feel about myself to other people, but I am really tired of giving a damn.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize, but I have finally learned a lot about you, And that even though I thought you were different, your actions told me that you areexactly the same by the things that you do.
I'm on a little boat Which was never meant to set sail. I'm on a little boat, It is anchored by the bay. I'm on a little boat From where I greet you every day. I'm on a little boat
I can’t help but feel That I will never stop writing About this feeling That I will never stop feeling This in love And this unloved At the same time It’s an emotion
Sometimes I get so lost in my own thoughts that I don't know what to do, My brain is telling me that I need to move on, but my heart only has feelings for you.
I'm reminiscing being back in Mexico sitting on a beach, I was Alone. The most at peace I have ever been, Alone. Coolin’, Not stressing myself over troubles that been handed to me or those self-inflicted, Alone.
And we are at it again, why do I go back to him out of all men. Just to sit and pretend, like I love him again.  Like he is actually a friend, but worse than letting a stray dog move in.
i lie awake at nightstaring at the ceilingasking myselfjust what exactly is this feeling?
In Out My breath like the wind Ever-changing As people live Observing, obsessing Regretting   Who cares About the notion Of success Money, power, looks
You’ll never let me go. I understand that. You have pride, beliefs, things that keep you from leaving me alone to fend for myself,
  Has it really been fifteen years     since I first took little steps onto Marley. Her grey appearance that welcomes all while reflecting the fluorescent lights above.
A smooth road I imagine but could never exist  Rocky and unsure just like the doubt you left inside of me  How should we want to go on 
Oh how I wish to turn back time Re-write the old and make it new Change the lives of many including my own How I could go back and make things right
If you’re like me, You can’t count your dreams on one hand, Always lost in something, But never settling for anything Or leaping at any one demand.  
It's easy to forget, you know? That time can pass when you aren't paying attention And suddenly, your little sister says she likes that boy, And your little brother is taller than you are,
I built a castle by the sea,And beautiful she stood,Upon her mountain made of sand,As I knew she would.
Doll House September 6, 2018 ~ Thursday Winter in the heart Blue as the sea Off the windy coast of Maine A little mermaid in waiting
Now I'm packing up my things, From the space where our hearts overlapped. You've left a few items I know that you'll be back. I'm not going to be there You can have my key, I'm leaving this place
Poetry, there and here. Here and Everywhere. Everywhere for those to hear. Hear the hearts of those who care.   Poetry, revealing the truth. Truth behind those feelings.
How often have we yearned of being, Swept off your feet and cradled? My blood,
I thought you’d smell like butterflies- like the tip of a lollipop-stained tongue, baby’s breath and bleached teeth- so I inhaled you like a pixie stick  and
Tina, my bathroom won’t smell like your hairspray and I won’t hear your thunder in someone else’s voice but if your heart chooses to grow, I hope you’ll come to know
The rain always fell closer to                                   you than I ever was to your heart
for so long you've been sinking belly full of stones i press my lips to yours with the notion that breathing outward might send you upward  but somehow accidentally i breathe in
Dear Dreams,  I 'm sorry this had to come across as adrupt I never though there would be so many things in the way I always thought that if you worked hard enough If you just let yourself be driven by passion
I’m letting you go because I cannot bear to hurt you anymore. I am letting you go to allow your happiness to flow freely. I am letting you go because I cannot hold onto a fleeting idealism.
you say you wish you could be happier but do you really try or do you ponder on the past refusing to break the chain that wrapped around your ankle
To my once best friend who made me laugh, and taught me things I never knew To my once best friend who  Gave me many fun things to do  To my once best friend who At one point, made me feel brand new 
Just because I love you  like the blue popsicle melting in my palm I want to eat before it drips away into a puddle beyond my reach  is not cause for the bruise blooming across your cheekbone 
Because I love you, I am patient Waiting as you ramble about things I don’t care about I am patient as I wait for you to message me
I used to obsess about my books being perpendicular on the night stand; that was of course before you found your way into my life.
I grab her hand knowing that what I feel Will be emptiness   And I look into her eyes knowing what i say To her is meaningless  
Because I Love You I Stayed Astray Because I Love You I had to Walk Away Because I Love You  I didn't Stay
Hope, are you a friend?Are you my worst foe?Around you my life bends,But you always let me go.I sit around hoping for some sun,In the middle of a thunderstorm,I hope for some fun,
I am sitting in a hotel room, staring at a three dollar bottle of wine when I realize that I do not have a corkscrew. There is blood on the towels in the bathroom which I do not dare revisit and I remember the first time you held me.
Floating in the sea, I’m happy   The familiarity of the ocean drowns me with a feeling love   The sound of the waves
We don't want to walk with GodWe want God to walk with Us.Like He hasn't given so many reasonsFor us to give in and give up- Our sense of controlBut in reality, by not surrendering,
I will hold you. For the sake of the rivers I swam to love you, I will hold you.   I will hold you, I know; forever. As that is the way of loving someone.   I will hold you, yes.
Please Stay Out Of Mind, Please Just Go Away, As Soon As I Regain Composure, And Take Every Memory Of You, And Tuck It In That Safe In The Back Of My Mind, After I Place Bandages On The Cuts On My Bruised Heart,
I see the light in your eyes, The allure in their brightness, Every time you speak of your dreams, And all you want to achieve.   I feel the effect of my lack of ambition on your life. You want to fly,
  Funny, isn't it? How the more the days pass by, the heavier your essence weighs on my shoulders? I shut my eyes and see you, Feel you, Sense every aspect of you,
It's gone It's past It won't come back It's dead It's faded There's a crack In what once was But now isn't Anymore It was open But now The door Is closed
I’m letting go of my regret Having vacuumed away the filth From the one whom left my eyes wet; Now I shall return to good health,   Right?   I still feel this hole;
I am excising your soul from my body I hide the good scraps of us under your bones, So the gods will not deprive me of my memory. You bitterness I will discard, Your saccharine I will preserve.
My four legged friend, though we might get parted for various reasons, I will always have you in my heart Because although you might not have understood what I said,
It's the color of the sun on a cloudless day.  It's the color of her hair like straws in hay.  It's the color of the flowers in which you lay.  It's the color of the stars above as she whispers, 'Make me stay'.   
In the moonlit darkness of my heart, I see icy cold silhouettes of desolation; Bleak figures concealed with masks flaming bright. Phantoms dancing around those dead trees, Frozen in their one final reach,
  When I was young I blew up a balloon Shiny and perfect like a cartoon, I tied it’s string to my wrist, strong and new  Fearing it would leave when the wind blew.   Like my shadow it followed beside
The hand holding yoursNow falls awayYou surrender strengthThat was never yours.You spiral downLike leaves from a treeSearching for acceptance Of G-d's will.
Is it good to stay strong if the one you're strong against is inside you? It is not good that the man should be alone; and so was made for him a help meet, the woman that should hold his hand through life  
pleading, begging you ask me to take you backto discard all the heartache, all the heartbreak to replace my scorn with words of love and once again by your side I’d lie
Cutting you out of my life would be like ripping out a piece of my heart... But that part has been so beaten and abused that the rest has learned to beat without it already
Anchors, cast iron claim center and hold her steady, in the light, in the dark.     Anchored in the light place she need not exert. Warm tendrils caress her,
I begin to drown in an ocean of blue, only to realize I've forgotten my life jacket. These eyes, they take me without invitation. I'm sucked into a whirlpool that leads to an endless gaze.
I am stuck In a pot of country stew: Bubbles as thick as petals,
The other day she sat beside him for the first time in months She watched his eyes brighten at the thought of his new life without her But the way he sat on his hands told her he was fighting the urge to touch her cheek
At first you made the choice to walk away, I pleaded and begged you to stay. After all our history, you meant so much to me, you were my anchor and I was a ship on stormy seas.
I miss the world I once knew.
Of all the things my life has led to I never would have guessed it would lead to you I was inexperienced quite,
A metaphor but something more
If you want to live, Live! feel the breeze caress your face as you walk on the stars
written December 2008  
What if you were gone? Where would I go? What would I do? Who would I be?
    You stare with this speck in your eye that glistens when I speak.  I may soon assume you love me. I give you gentle touch like you were once in my womb.
My passion is strong My heart feels pain My eyes glisten from tears My hands shake from fear
I feel so hurt and broken Casted aside again Lost and confused Lead me on and get me excited Want me and show me you care Then trample me and drop me Drop me like a lock of hair  
I cannot l
You taught me how to be brave.
Letting go of someone
Father o father why do you cry?
Taking my new heart, I'll have a fresh start
My heart is split into two Between I can continue and the other I would be shunned Cast out, A pariah. I don't have the callus for such ignorant human beings.
Missing is something I feel I wish love was never real Now you have a way to tear my soul Are you the one I've been longing for? I know it's true that you love me too But how can I if I'm the lie
I feel the breeze as I'm falling not the frightening wind but a comforting cloud assisting my descend   Through a mountain range   hills and valleys peaks and falls
You haven't talked to me in weeks And I'm damn sure it's my fault or another As I watch the sky stratify Into blues from cerulean to robin's egg And the people I pass are just shades in a jaded life.
Whenever I attempt the act of relaxation, In the forefront of my mind there is always a slight hesitation.
The Rose is gone, what happen to the Rose which come in every season your petal. Was always crutch together. What happen that I come outside and didn't see your eye's.you was lays there my lane of flame that spark my everyday.
No movement; a life switched to pause Because of you A shore with no waves   No sleep It's been days 
                             As every hair of mine fell Thank you for loving me so well How can I thank you dear For being ever so near I do not t want to leave you empty handed Babe, I'll never be stranded To the sky, the moon, the stars Or even
These walls are clutteredwith the scribblingsof clumsy hands.Small fingers clench markerstoo big to hold tight enoughto articulate dreamstoo great to let go of.Us “grown ups” know nothing
You were always too much to fit intomy dollhouse dreams.I never asked for you to leaveyour shoes at the door,they didn’t seem right there
There are many nights I find myselfthinking about you.Missing you. But notin a longing fora connectionsort of way -not like I used to.
Love is Universal  Its ecceptance for the things That make us diffrent Not change who we are to suet others But living so others see who we are  Its not use, bending out lights
Everything goes on, moving and flowing. Never stopping. I think and breath, so let me break free. I'll fall and stumble, and pick myself up. I will be fine. All will be well, so let me go, loosen the grip, let me breath.
(poems go here) Spinning, spinning, spinning The ride won't stop Everything I've ever known and has been important to me has swirled into an array of colors
I have forgotten the way we loved with salt still on our skin,* but not every secret hurt. Blocked out the image of the stained blood color of your lips against her pale parts, the sweetness
I see faces each day The same faces that pass by the same way Nothing, nothing is all I say My lips quiver but my voice is nothing but a weak mocking squeak
Growing up in a home with a single mother. Role model for my sisters inspired by my brother. Holding on to hope by a thread discouraging thoughts in my head. What are the can do's when you're telling yourself "YOU CAN NOT"?
I don't know what to do This blade ain't workin' for me Alcohol only makes it worse I'm poppin' these pills like candy I feel so unwanted I am so lost I feel so forgotten Asphalt never looked so soft
I was sitting there screaming inside I felt so alone, like I was being pushed around By the oceans tides. I couldn’t even make a sound. I needed an outlet for my escape As it offered no true freedom.
The darkness encircled me. The pain, overwhelming. The way that we used to be, Babe, its disbanding. The flowers and cards. Love notes and smiles. Babe, everything's hard. Now, it's defiled.
The mem’ries of my long lost friend, who took Me out of my woeful misery, fled Into the unknown, leaving words unsaid A mystery. I would constantly look Back at the past, picturing the blue book
“Being inside you is like having a million conversations that bring us closer together.” I swear that line will make him famous one day, but the solace found within can never surmount.
Brief in Brevity Truth and Sincerity’s will I tremble at cold. Truer words still be “Pain is inevitable,” Suffering is not. Do you wonder still? If eyes don’t meet, is there sight? Unfortunate.
Daddy, Daddy look at me Watch me as I fly More and more I’m gaining speed As I soar through sky Mommy, Mommy how I see you below me now I’ll come and have a looky When I can swoop down
When you feel that feelin Of something happenin Your heart starts beatin And you dunno why beats r skippin you look a little deeper and see your passions glowing stronger
This year has many ups and downs But the downs are what put me down I struggled a lot with the deaths this year Also school stressed me out Trying to balance school and work was harder
What does the sunrise look like, To someone headed west? One who cannot turn round, Nor take one glance behind. First a pale glow, Reflecting off the valleys low; Followed by the sweet chirping
Our houses were filled with misery and hatred, no love, no understanding.
Hey, You. Yes, You. Why are You just standing there? Green eyes, Black boots, And that messy brown hair. Looking at me without a care. Soft lips, Colorful belt, Hands on hips. Revengful smirk.
I once knew of a girl, Roaming and young, Who closed her eyes when it rained, And envied the sun.
Obvious screams bleeding out of my shifting soul. “Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades” Alone with my contemplating mind. So Mind Fucked.
My life feels void and full of darkness no matter how far I run to reach the light on the other end
SOCCER player for the world Midfielder,forward,defener Players with soccer balls and The Worlds Game Yelling,Cussingm Shoving Fields of sweating bodies
As you embark on your journey, To that world so far beyond, I think of you with sadness The girl too young. Your smile is glued to my mind When you would shout as you sang. Why did you go so soon?
I couldn't touch it. The body, I mean. I couldn't. Because I knew, I just knew that the second I did The supersaturated solution that was my heart Would crystallize and crack Into a thousand raw pieces.
Hearing the helicopter all night woke up the next morning wanting to ride my bike my good friend just got into a fight So we head to the streets at the break of daylight kids growing up wanting to be heard on the mic
(poems go here) Tears on my pillow They fall soft. A steady stream In this lonely loft. Outside wind howls Inside I shudder. I wait for you My lost lover.
My fist was closed. My breathing, hard. The frown line was there, sitting on my forehead, as I failed miserably, trying to hold onto something, that was just like thin air.
I swear I was going to listen To the advice that you made sure I heard. But my friends have influence on me And I didn’t want to be the nerd!
Drops of rain fall on a cloudless day the day is darkened while the sun shines bright a man a woman separated for now but soon to be reunited the faithful lover of this man sheds yet another tear
I held my dreams inside my hands so no one else could touch Made sure they only knew my face so no one else could judge I fed them big and made them strong so they could face the world
Hey, girl, I am just writing to say, I put some flowers on your grave yesterday. It was kind of hard 'cause I thought I heard your voice come my way, but I guess it was your spirit telling me to let you rest
GONE I shed a tear For every time I fear That I won’t be able to see you again But only value the time we got to spend Sometimes I think about your voice Life or death was not your choice
My beautiful daughter She had to grow up too fast One night everything changed "Sweetie, the pain won't last."
Alone in a cabin as I passed by, A shower of crystals fell down from the sky, It is quiet too quiet as I lay here, No one speaks their lips are sealed, I can't see as the fire consumes me,
Why did you leave so soon? You left in a blink of an eye. You didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye. Or tell you how much I love you. If only I could fly into the sky and bring you back if only words could bring you back.
Forgiving Embrace
I love you Three words Eight words And so many meanings
Out of Sight. Out of Mind. sometimes it’s hard to find the paradise I had in mind I fight with all my might and I’m still here. You’re still there. Out of Sight. Still in Mind.
Looking back nothing seem the same People change Pictures fade And I’m left with the pain The clouds are rolling in The journeys almost over The light is going out No time to scream and shout
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