So I guess I gave you the benefit of the doubt and I gave you too much credit,

And I wish I could go back to the start of our story and provide it with a few edits.

The ones where I made it seemed like you were such a great guy,

And instead of talking to you, I wish I had turned and just said bye.

Because for years I let you drive me crazy, and if I had known this was how it was going to end,

I would have never started talking to you, and I would have never called you a friend.

You are no different from the rest, and you are just like every immature boy,

Because it is obvious that you use women and play with them like they are toys.

I should have known sooner that you were just playing games,

And there is only one person who is to blame.

You’re a snake, a player, a liar, and a cheat,

And it is so funny how I thought you were so innocent and sweet.

My narrative about is completely different, and I will never look at you the same,

Because I finally see how you are a king of just playing games.

So you mean to tell me that this was going on for a year?

And I feel so stupid for allowing you to make me shed so many tears.

The whole time you were seeing her, you were essentially keeping me in your back pocket,

And you wanted to use me as an excuse in case you were not able to lock it.

But we would hang out, you would hug me, and you never said one single thing,

Because you knew of the pain and the chaos that it would bring.

Clearly there is something wrong with me, because you should not have cared about me the way 

that you did,

And I should have known, because no matter how you look at it, you really are only just a kid.

You kept it a secret because you didn’t want to hurt me,

But if you love your girlfriend, then this is not how it should be.

Clearly you have issues and shit that you need to figure out,

But I woke up today with a smile, and you will never see me pout.

Because you wanted to break me, I know that is why you did it,

But I am through letting you control me, and I am no longer going to be taking your hits.

Because all I get out of this is that I dodged a bullet,

And you thought this was going to destroy me, but will it?

No, it made me feel so much better because I see right through the games that you play,

And I feel so bad for the girl who has to put up with it, because she has to listen to the bullshit 

that you say.

Because the lies, the games, and the twisted tales are all done,

And I am so happy that you are not my one. 


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