Colors of the World


flames will ignite the earth and arguements will erupt,

but like the sun, they will set and bring life in the next day.


hearts will be shattered and dreams will be shot down,

but love will prevail and the only boundary is yourself.


darkness will return after every sunset,

but the stars will continue to shine on.


rainclouds will thunder and storms will roar,

but gray clouds will disperse and sunshine will reign again.


sickness and injuries will occur,

but company will heal the worst of wounds.


poverty will shadow the people and banks will run dry,

but true wealth will not be found in money or luxary.


some friendships will fall and old bonds will wilter,

but like the leaves on a tree, new ones will grow.


obstacles will stumple onto our path,

but the world will go on and with each other, we will be strong.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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