Just Because

Just because

I love you 

like the blue popsicle melting in my palm I want to eat

before it drips away into a puddle beyond my reach 

is not cause for the bruise blooming across your cheekbone 

You wanted my hand to hold

just because you needed a reminder to not fall down again

but I didn't know it was your knuckle nudging mine--and I love you 

don't forget--too much, so much, not enough 

to keep the flinch and instinct away 

as I whispered the pain away to the wind as your hand curved around the cheekbone I'd kissed right before

it wasn't enough, you left and I knew 

that was good for you, me, anyone who saw my knuckles knock yours back to touch your cheek 

with a hard blow that blew you away 

from only bounced back pain that would never go away

just because

I love you 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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