Letting Go

Letting go of someone

Is not the same as

Letting go of training wheels

Or a walking infant's hands

Or the chains on the swings.

You still will fall

Nevertheless, it will hurt

More than scraped knees,

Ankles, hands, elbows, pride,

More than what the sidewalk taught you.

People are human no matter what we see

Because when you cut someone

Or let them go

You will see we all bleed the same

Despite what your eyes see, your mind tells you the truth.

We live in multiple states of being

And my psychological body is scarred

Where my physical body is grateful

All while my mental body prepares for battle

Everyday fighting the urge to hold on.

Giving up or letting go are not

Yellow traffic lights flashing at midnight

To remind us we are weak or fragile,

Rather, they serve as a visual for us

Who are trying to be free.

We let go of people

Like we let go of time

As it slips through our fingers,

Being a memorable lost thought

We always see in the dark of our minds.

What little humanity us beings shelter

Keeps us holding on

Until we realize we have fallen down and

With scraped knees, ankles, hands, elbows, and pride,

We let go and learn how to survive.



I like your personifcations and similies. :)


Thank you!

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