Soccer Field


United States
39° 55' 52.2228" N, 104° 58' 26.1588" W

SOCCER player for the world
Players with soccer balls and The Worlds Game
Yelling,Cussingm Shoving
Fields of sweating bodies
Theysay that soccer fields are full of girls and boys of all ages that intimidate each other
Parents say we are too rude; I answer, if you want to survive, be rude and you will see another sunrise
They say we are too rough and I answer; seeing the opponet's eyes, it puts a fire in your heart that wont stop
Turning to my own game I feel the glaring at my back that could butn a hole
I say to them:
Show a sport that doesn't have shoving, yelling, and cussing?
What makes soccer soccer? The running? the goals?
But how would we score goals without the contact, confrontaions?
Wouldn't it be a boring sport without these things?
The fierceness of the players like crazed dogs that's on a bloody hunt
Confrontations with the ref
Anything to get the ball in the goal and to prevent it from going into ours
However so faint you see the funny relization on their face
They relize that their braging, laughing, cheering is what makes the game special to them
Cheering, Cheering!!!
Cheering, laughing, bragging, shoving, punching, The Worlds Game
Boys and girls running, sweating, sliding,cheating, punching anything to get that ball into the net
Players of soccer balls and The World's Game
Are here to stay and play on the soccer feild.



Thanks for reading this :)


You encapsuled the franticness of soccer very well.

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