The Girl Too Young


United States
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As you embark on your journey,
To that world so far beyond,
I think of you with sadness
The girl too young.
Your smile is glued to my mind
When you would shout as you sang.
Why did you go so soon?
The girl too young.
Only four months ago
Your car was smashed.
I went to see it,
But it didn't look too bad.
Not the look you'd expect
From the monster car
That took the life
Of the girl too young.
Her family's faces still fresh in my mind.
Her mother had always been so very kind.
Megan's life gone forever.
The tears, still wet on my face.
The memories of our childhood
Of high school too, all but fade.
Your dreams of college demolished.
You'll always be known as
The girl too young.
No school, no work, no fun.
Although your spirit is sure to be
Roaming through the clouds, dancing in the sunlight
Of Heaven, a Heaven made
For the girl too young.



I wrote this right before graduating high school. After a girl in my class, whom I'd grown up with since kindergarten, passed away in a drinking and driving accident.

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