A Life Worth Taking

I swear I was going to listen
To the advice that you made sure I heard.
But my friends have influence on me
And I didn’t want to be the nerd!

So now I am lying here
Probably on my last ride.
Speeding through town in an ambulance
Because I didn’t listen to my own mind.

I will convey to you the story
Of what led me to this fate.
I am only 17 years old
But my irresponsible choices wouldn’t let my end wait.

It was an innocent party
And I guess I seemed awfully tense.
My friends persuaded me to drink and smoke
But what I did made no sense.

It was all in good fun at first
Until they handed me my keys.
At that point I couldn’t control myself
And in my car I went to leave.

The affects of the drugs seemed fun
And the ride made my adrenaline fly.
Until I swerved into the other lane
Hoping I’d be the only one to die.

Regrettably this wasn’t the case
When 2 others were pronounced dead at the scene.
I was the only one to get out alive
Although my death I could foresee.

I took the lives of blameless teens
Who were driving responsibly.
After I hit the other car head on
All that remained was its debris.

They saved me at the hospital
Although at this point I wish they hadn’t.
Now I have to live with the consequences
Of taking the lives of the innocent.

Let this be a lesson to those
Who think drunk driving is something to show.
It doesn’t only put you in danger
But also those who just have a place to go.

I stand here today and truthfully can say
That I have a life worth taking.
I stole unfinished lives
And the favor should be returning.


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