Hold Onto Our Dance

At first you made the choice to walk away, I pleaded and begged you to stay.

After all our history, you meant so much to me, you were my anchor and I was a ship on stormy seas.

The dawn broke and you realized the fate, we were meant to be, our hearts were at stake.


Reunited in love, we were in bliss and blind.

I looked past your flaws, even though I was losing my mind.

A long while of happiness, then a few days being weak.

I soon became you, letting our love grow meek.

Now it was me walking away, wanting you to say no, don't let our love die, please don't go.

There was no disagreement, no dispute to my run.

I yearned for you to stand up for us but we were done.


Now I see you and my heart beats in my chest,

You will forever hold a piece of me, even though the love has digressed.

We both made a choice; not to fight for our second chance.

I will hold onto the memories and to our dance.





A very nice poem! I can relate to this, great analogies that paint this picuture of when two individuals can not point their prides aside and be forth coming. 


Thank you!


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