Places In My Lonely Heart


by Debi Lyn ~ Fri 11/04/22 @ ~ 10:30 pm


The boys out there

simply can’t compare

with everything

you’ve had to share.


From how you touch me …everywhere

to the way you [seem at least to] care

+ every detail – oh so rare…

even your curly soft upper leg hair

…mmm I truly LOVE that soft curly hair!


I may never find another man

who can “love” me like you can,

but I s’pose I’ll keep looking: that’s one plan.

I’ll start over where I first began.


No more walnuts for me: I want a pecan!

There must be one somewhere in this vast land…

with sweet, gentle, piercing eyes of cyan

and endued with fierce passion & gentle hands.


With whom I can share so completely

The utter joys of such intimacy

& a sweet, sweet, calm intensity –

that binds our hearts eternally.


A special man made just for ME

with just as much compatibility

whom I can love so easily

and together learn to simply BE –


The bar’s been raised because of you

and all the wonderful things you do.

Perhaps one day he’ll find me too;

until then, I’ve not a clue!


I’ll have to live on sweet memories

of how you make me feel at ease

and the perfect way you know how to tease

and touch, caress, kiss, cuddle, & please.


Weeks of nothing but delight,

and so it ends as we both knew it might.

Still I think about you every night,

and I’ll never forget who turned on this light.


The pain shall dull a bit with time,

but you’ll never depart from the depths of my mind.

There are far too few men of your kind

with whom a “connection” could be so sublime.


It’ll be ok ….it has to be.

You never did [or will] belong to me.

Perhaps another man as sweet

will be the one who shall complete

the places in my lonely heart

that your affections could only start

to calm and heal like a work of art

because, alas, we must remain apart.


How can I end these things I’ve written?

It’s true that with you, I’ve been deeply smitten.

Perhaps we’ll find a way to be

platonic somehow – I guess we’ll see.


Always – to YOU, Sweet Love, from me!



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