You Healed Me; You Broke Me

When we met, things were falling apart,

And you were the only one who was able to help me heal from the start.

When my world was ending, you made me believe in hope and love once again,

And I was so happy to have someone in my life who I considered more than a friend.

But somewhere along the way, all of the feelings started to form,

And you were my calm in the middle of the storm.

And for years, I held on because you wouldn’t tell me the truth,

And you made me believe in the kind of love that I had longed for since my youth.

When I was with you, I was confident, outgoing, and strong; the kind of person that I have 

always wanted to be,

But as quick as you put me back together, you were also able to break me.

But for so long, you made it seem like you actually cared,

And I thought that my heart was going to be spared.

But you made me tell you the truth, you were the one who made me say it,

And the reaction you gave me felt like the hardest hit.

You made me feel crazy, you made it seem like it was all my fault,

But you wanted me to tell you, but I was planning on keeping it in the vault.

You asked me why I was telling you this, and you asked me why I chose to do this now,

But I should have known it was going to be like this, and it was something that I knew I 

shouldn’t have allowed.

Because you pressured me to tell you when I didn’t want you to know,

But you made me tell you, and you wouldn’t let it go.

So when I told you, you had a reaction that completely took me off guard,

And just when I was letting it go, you ended up reopening the wounds and leaving me scarred.

But then you said that I shouldn't be doing that and that it wasn’t fair,

But I guess you forgot that you dragged it out of me, or did you just not care?

But you know in the end that it is not going to last,

And I am so happy to be able to leave you in the past.

So I am not going to bother you anymore, I am going to leave you alone,

And you’ll see that your chance with me has been blown. 

I can’t wait for you to try and come back into my life,

But I am not going to allow you to, because this time, I am the one holding the knife. 




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