You Can Not


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Growing up in a home with a single mother.
Role model for my sisters inspired by my brother.
Holding on to hope by a thread discouraging thoughts in my head.
What are the can do's when you're telling yourself "YOU CAN NOT"?
Confidence is key well where's the confidence in we?
As I look around they put down the bible and picked up the pipe.
Humanity is boring so now we take each others lives.
Education is for squares lets go run the streets.
Prove to the white people were still the same dumb niggas they wanted us to be.
Were not normal we came from a struggle.
They call it being a criminal we calling it having a hustle.
Deceived by the enemy forced to think with the possessions of the world were living out our dreams.
I'm here to tell the truth its all lies and money schemes.
There's no tradition and fellowship in holidays its a matter of who spent the most money.
Confide in possessions rather than our self cause along with the swag comes the honeys.
Man its not fair.
Tell me do you still care?
Time waits for no one all these problems and not one second to spare.
It takes a village to raise a child but yet the child is forced to do it alone.
Found refugee in hanging with the gang cause the home was far from a home.
Sleep with one eye open because you never know who's watching.
Fell asleep to feel loved only in your dreams.
Woke up and realized they got you.
Everybody wants money but nobody wants to work.
Everyone claims to know who God is but what happened to putting him first?
The girl with the blonde hair blue eyed beauty is what deprives my worth?
Not I by my dearest friend Jesus I was made perfect through the covenant at my birth.
Intellectuals, sophistication, ambition just like her I've just seen more hurt.
The past once lived through my ancestors makes the roots deeper.
I'm not ashamed I love my dark brown skin it only makes me sweeter.
To the girl I'm always compared to but we'll never be just like,
I found joy in my pretty brown skin when I realized it came with the attitude so I came to rock the mic.



I love this, I can relate, I may be white but the struggle does come in all colors.  I love that you can EMBRACE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!

Jazmyn Taylor

I would agree that everyone has a struggle. I would also like to say

descrimination is still a major factor In America . Although the

racial prejudice are not aknowledged as often  as before they are still

an outstanding set back. Thanks for understanding. Thats just a little piece from the heart.

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