To Love Oneself is Truly Sweeter

pleading, begging you ask me to take you back

to discard all the heartache, all the heartbreak

to replace my scorn with words of love

and once again by your side I’d lie

no matter how many times I send you away

you refuse to leave me before making peace


you try so hard to pick up my heart piece by piece

promising to never again turn your back

to kiss every tear away

every word killing me, my shell begins to break

forgetting every fight, every lie

I start looking at you the way I once did, the you I love


but if your words were filled with love

I couldn’t feel them warm my soul or grant me peace

just as soon as you spoke true, I catch another lie

so I retreat, taking my vows of forgiveness back

watch that sly smile on your face slowly break

as you realize it’s too late, and I’m too far away


I shun you, banish you, cast you away

at last showing myself love

damning you to be the one who shall break

for you to see how hard it is to sew yourself back piece by piece

to lay on your back

completely alone, just weep and lie


to myself my loyalty shall lie

I’ll let my worries and fears float away

summon the old me back

show that stranger I’ve missed and adore true love

allow my mind to find pure peace

double knot the bandages so they will never break


I promise, I promise myself I will never break

I will never cheat myself, accept no lie

I will never again allow you to hurt me, I grant myself peace

I will keep true kin close, sending snakes in the grass away

I will prove self respect is the best love

and will never, ever come back


nevertheless… I wish you peace, to catch a break

to look back with joy while in bed you lie

to allow your pain to dissipate, to fly away

to learn how to truly love


This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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