Downs of 2012

This year has many ups and downs
But the downs are what put me down
I struggled a lot with the deaths this year
Also school stressed me out
Trying to balance school and work was harder

Sometimes you don’t know what to do when a person or animal dies that you know
You try not to break down
Its hard not to break down
So time to find distractions
So time to find something to cheer you up

Maybe its time to stop dwelling on what happened
Maybe its time to move on
Maybe its hard on you
Maybe its not as easy as you thought it be
Maybe its way harder then you thought it be
Maybe time to get over the obstacles
Maybe time to get back up
Maybe time not to think that the world is against you

Maybe you dealt with it better the you thought you would
Maybe you surprised yourself when you dealt with
Maybe you realized how much of a mess you would have been if you dealt with something like that years ago
Maybe you realized how much better you deal with situations now
Maybe you surprised yourself
Don’t get me wrong but you may not be dealing with it easy
Don’t get me wrong it may be hard
Heck you didn’t want the situation to happen

In the long run you know you need to deal with death better
In the long run you know death is hard
In the long run you know you shouldn’t mourn death
In the long run you know you should celebrate the life of the animal or person
In the long run you are not prepared for it
In the long run you know you need to learn not to overreact to stuff

What you need to do is
Cherish all the moments of the person or animal
Celebrate their life
Not mourn life
Not to break down
Stay strong
Move on from the past

This year has seemed harder than previous years
A lot has happened
Where would you begin
Where would you end
If you had to say what happened this year
What would you say to summarize all of what has happened
Let’s face it I know a lot has happened in my life this year
But if anything I can learn from it
Or to say what has affected you the most in order may be the hardest to put in order


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