The Comeback

Disappear for a while and allow yourself to remember who you are,

Allow yourself to embrace every single one of your scars.

Remember who you truly are and where you have come from,

And sit back and think about everything that you want to become.

You may not know where you are going, but you know where you have been,

And that is something that you need to remember if you truly want to win.

Despite everything that you have been through, you decided to keep going,

And you know that if you want to win, you can not give in.

There are far too many people in your life who want to see you fail.

But they don’t know that their words are the motivation to help your winds take sail.

The people who knock you down are the ones who make you stronger,

And you know that you can’t give up, even if it is taking you longer.

You refuse to let those people see you cry,

Because none of them know your reason why.

The reason why you get up everyday and continue to fight,

Even when things are tough, and it seems like nothing is going right.

You know that the only reason you are doubting yourself is because of the words that they have 


And when you are struggling, those words continue to replay in your head.

And it seems like they are tearing you down,

And no matter how much you try to swim back up, you continue to drown.

Their words overpower everything that you do,

Because they remind you of everything that you have been through.

Despite it all, you continue to keep going on,

Until eventually all of their thoughts and words will be gone.

And they have no idea how you continue to move forward when everything was working against 


Because you have fought these demons before, and these people tearing you down is nothing 


You want to do everything they said you couldn’t and you want to prove them all wrong,

Because you don’t need anyone to believe in you, because you knew you had it in you all along.

Whether they like it or not, this is your come back, this is your time,

Despite the hill that they have put in your way, because they do not know about the mountains 

that you have climbed.


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