Fuck You

Fuck all of you for constantly making me feel this way,

For needing to fight the urge to end it every single day.

Fuck you for constantly making me need to be the bigger person,

And for constantly making the thoughts that I have continue to worsen.

Fuck you for making me feel like I am not good enough,

And for making every day that I have to keep fighting so tough.

Fuck you for always making me out to be the bad guy,

And for being the reason that I fall apart and I continue to cry.

Fuck you for playing games when you know you wanted nothing to do with me,

And for keeping me locked up because you never wanted me to actually be free.

Fuck you for talking shit behind my back,

Because you feel the need to bring me down instead of trying to fix your own cracks.

Fuck you to everyone who has ever taken me for granted,

Because you have no idea about the seeds that you just planted.

That the old me is gone, and you will never see her again,

Because I no longer care about keeping people happy who aren't even my friend.

I am tired of letting other people make me feel like I need to end it all,

Because I no that I am the only one who is going to pick me up when I fall.

And to everyone who tried to kick me when I was down,

I am picking myself up, and I am going to laugh when it is your turn to hit the ground.

I am tired of being the bigger person and letting everyone walk all over me,

Because I am going to prove you all wrong, and I can't wait for you all to see.


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