Over It

It took me a long time to realize, but I have finally learned a lot about you,

And that even though I thought you were different, your actions told me that you areexactly the same by the things that you do.

 guess no matter what, the age does make a differnce because some things never change, 

And I knew that for the past couple of months you were acting really strange.

I am so tired of the hot and cold bullshit that I keep dealing with from you,

And it seems as if you still have a lot of growing up to do.

I have realized that I am only good enough for you when there is no one better around,

But you taking advantage of me only makes you look like the clown.

You through away one of the most loyal people you could meet, and that is on you,

And I promise you that you will never find another girl that is more loyal or more true.

For the longest time I was questioning my worth, wondering why I am not good enough,

And beause of you, the past two years have been really tough.

I am over trying so hard for someone who is not even willing to meet me halfway,

Because your male ego is too big, and I am over all of the games that you play.

I have finally realized that I am too good for you, 

And I realize that you finally realize it too.

However, the next time you finally message me, I am going to leave you on read,

Because I am no longer letting you in, and allowing you to mess with my head.

I am moving on, because I know that I deserve so much better,

And just so you know, I am burning your sweater. 

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