Wed, 09/26/2018 - 20:55 -- barpt17

Now I'm packing up my things,

From the space where our hearts overlapped.

You've left a few items

I know that you'll be back.

I'm not going to be there

You can have my key,

I'm leaving this place

And not looking back behind me.


Goodbye to the heartache,

The pictures torn off the wall

Goodbye to those hope and dreams,

That never meant anything at all.


There's tack marks, and scratches

The walls are all bruised

There's tears on the floor

Echoes of 'I love you'.


I'm leaving with grace,

As I walk out the door

You tore up my heart,

I can't stay here anymore.


This place used to hold laughter,

Kisses, promises, and light

And then you walked out

You didn't even put up a fight


This place was special,

That's why I stayed for so long

You didn't lock the door when you walked out

You're going to realize you were wrong.


Because when you come back,

Which I know that you will

It will be dark, with only your belongings left behind

The ones that you left, because you couldn't bear to leave

There's nothing left of me there- I've taken what's mine.


But you will know,

That it's too late

Because all that's left are the bruised walls

And empty photo frames, my tears have dried

I'm not coming back.

Consider this goodbye.



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