When Will It Stop Being Hard?

And just like that, three months have gone by,

And I didn’t think it would be this hard to say goodbye.

But there is not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about you,

And I am at the point where I don’t know what else I can do.

I am doing everything, and I feel like I am doing everything right,

But then why do I still cry myself to sleep every night?

Why is it that I try to talk to others, but you are the only one on my mind?
And after everything you put me though, I am still telling myself that you are kind.

But whenever something happens, you are the first person that I want to tell,

Even though you were the one who was the reason that I fell.

I have accepted the fact that you have ruined love for me,

Because I don’t think being happy again is something that I will ever be able to be.

As fast as you gave me hope again, you were so fast to take it away,

Because you knew exactly what to do, and you knew exactly what to say.

And it sucks to admit, but I am sure that you are somewhere out there doing great,

And you are thriving while I continue to sit here and wait.

Wait for you to maybe come back around and finally give us a chance,

And for us to maybe run into one another and give each other just a slight glance.

To let me know that you still at least remember my name,

And that to you this is not all just one big game.

But I know that I probably never cross your mind,

And that maybe you found the love that you had always been hoping to find.

And I hate to admit it, that I still wish it were me,

And I will always question why you were never able to see.

That I had so much love for you, despite everything you put me through,

But I know I can’t just put the blame on you.

But I still check all the time, to get maybe a hint that you are no longer together,

But I am not able to figure that out, and maybe that is for the better.

But you ruined love for me, and I have realized that it is either you or no one,

Because when it comes to loving someone else, I am done.  












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