Move-In Day

Tina, my bathroom won’t smell like your hairspray

and I won’t hear your thunder in someone else’s voice

but if your heart chooses to grow, I hope you’ll come to know

that a loss could be a lesson if you realize it’s your choice.


Father, I hope you drink extra-dirty martinis

and play “Moonshadow” on the 24 hour drive back home

but most of all, I want you to keep your mind moving

and keep my drunken voicemails on your fifty dollar phone 


T, I think you know I never loved you

but I want to applaud you for pretending

I will miss you in my sleep, but you taught me

that we always wear the same clothes as an ending. 


Brodetskiy, promise me you’ll learn to love hard, 

even when her heart is made of frozen-over rust

and if you ever want to revisit our ancient love,

I have already wiped off the dust. 


Tyler, I hope you kiss a girl in your cubby

and always have a hand to hold on line 

I may be wiser (and cooler), but believe me

The only thing stronger than a big sister is time


And lastly, for the young girl buried within me, 

who still believes in Santa and sings about the moon, 

this is not a goodbye or an “I wish you well”,

but rather, an “I will see you soon”. 



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This poem is about: 
My family


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