I Lost You

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 17:04 -- tony

I love you
Three words
Eight words
And so many meanings

I love you...
There's was so much pain..
When you uttered such a simple phrase..
Instead of your hand there is now a steady stream of tears that caress my face

I love you...
Not only my bones, but my soul ache
I watched you slip away...
Unable to stop or even hinder death as he stood in his rightful place at your wake

I love..
I pleaded and begged for you to stay
but my human imperfections only made it seem like I was in the way
A part of me wanted you to be free
But another part wanted you to be by my side
This is no lie..
But I was never one to be selfish

I stood there and watched you fade away
Your hair, your lips, your eyes, your presence...
Everything suddenly intensified
As I lay my eyes upon your chilled stiff form
And place my lips upon your brow in hopes that my affections reach you even in heaven

This coffin is no place for your beauty
And as I come to the realization that this is last time we will ever touch
I yearn for more, remembering our long embraces from the past
But those days are gone...

With one last kiss
I bestow upon you my final gift
Four words
Eleven letters
And my true feelings
I love you too...

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