Tears On My Pillow

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 16:31 -- domkd15


United States
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(poems go here) Tears on my pillow
They fall soft.
A steady stream
In this lonely loft.

Outside wind howls
Inside I shudder.
I wait for you
My lost lover.

You belonged to me
And I to you.
But was not to be
Our love that grew.

How I long
For your arms
Which kept me
Safe from harm.

My heart calls out
Can you hear?
Oh dear Lord,
Return my dear.

Tears on my pillow
On which we once lay
Holding each other
Each night and day.

Your kisses were soft,
Your love so strong,
Oh sweet love,
Did we do wrong?

Our love wasn’t perfect
But it was ours.
Now happiness is gone,

Leaving only scars.

Oh dear Lord
Why did you take him?
Without him near
My world is dim.

Tears on my pillow
For the one I have lost.
A true love I’d fight for,
No matter the cost.

My heart calls out
Can you hear?
Oh dear Lord,
Return my dear
Rid my pillow of a tear.


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