Even After It All

I grab her hand knowing that what I feel

Will be emptiness


And I look into her eyes knowing what i say

To her is meaningless


I’ve been looking out for her

For 1,000 days


Let me tell you the stories Let me count

The ways


When I drove through the storm and rain

To get to her house

Because she was crying

In heartbreak and in pain


When I bought her food to feed her

So she wouldn’t miss him

Or forget to eat

Or forget to be her


I wrote her all the songs and  all the poetry

About my love Against his ‘love’

In protest

I took a knee


I told her I’d come over every day

Make her smile

And get over him

I’d show her the way


Because I love you

I tell you what I mean

And you do the same

You love me too


Because I love you

I let you yell at me

Knowing we’re never

Ever really through


All the problems in the universe

You have some

I have some

So i wrote this poetry verse


Because I love you


I want you to know

For me it’s forever I’m never

Letting go


And Because I love you

Doesn’t mean forgetting old love

But remembering the

new love

All Because I love you


Knowing she’s wed

I let go of her hand

And all of my help

Will be put to bed


She’s with him all the time now

Even after it all

The crying the fall

Forgotten, somehow


But not by me, you see

I don’t forget ever

To say

I love you


Because I'll love you

forever ,

Even knowing

He never will.

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