I Built A Castle By The Sea

I built a castle by the sea,
And beautiful she stood,
Upon her mountain made of sand,
As I knew she would.

Her reign was long and valiant,
A keeper of the land.
Though fragile was her sculpted home
Which crumbled in my hand.

She laid at rest above the waves
And watched the yellow sky.
Though as the sun hung lower still,
I knew she'd not stay dry.

The flaming sky shone from above
And water came rushing in.
The waves crashed on the castle shore
And precious time grew thin.

She stood her ground against the tide
Which flooded from below.
I did my best to keep her safe.
I couldn't let her go.

The walls and moats were overcome
By seaside waves and foam,
And though we'd gladly give our lives,
We would not give our home.

The salt and shells clawed at the walls
And tirelessly we fought.
My beloved towers corroded fast
The fighting was for naught.

There was nothing more that I could do
As nature took its course.
My castle walls came crashing down
The sea had no remorse.

The lilac sky was dimly lit
As wet and cold I laid
And gazed upon the ruins
Of the kingdom that I made.

The waters stilled and calmed once more
As wearily I stood
And looked out to the distant waves
Just like I often would.

I built a castle by the sea
And she stood a day alone
Now there is nothing left of her
But a stick, and a shell,
Worn down to the bone.

A lone sentinel with nothing to guard, my time has come to go.
I travel now from a dark, smooth battleground
Which no one else will know.

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