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Alone in a cabin as I passed by,
A shower of crystals fell down from the sky,
It is quiet too quiet as I lay here,
No one speaks their lips are sealed,
I can't see as the fire consumes me,
Alone all alone in exile I cry as the cold dark reality closes in,
Light nowhere to be found as I rot with my corpse,
No sound but my breath and a memory to keep me going,
Tired so tired no place to sit that wouldn't hurt me,
Life seems like a light year away into an eternity of hell,
What day was it, winter? I can't tell,
I feel eyes behind me but no one when I look,
Lost so lost which path to take to get me out this misery,
Did I forgive anyone?
No I believed in miracles but they left in this darkness,
Must keep going....
A glass shattered somewhere in the distance,
I think I can see people,
Can you hear me?
Can you feel me?
Touch my hand please or looks ... tell me, Can you see me?
Alone so alone,
Help!!! Is anyone there?
I wait in my corner as lies rush through my head,
Words unspoken are sewed to my lips,
Hair that once was mine lies in a corner now,
All that is left is me to leave too,
I am just alone so alone.


Ryean Miles

THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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