If You're Like Me

If you’re like me,

You can’t count your dreams on one hand,

Always lost in something,

But never settling for anything

Or leaping at any one demand.


If you’re like me,

Your daydreams keep you up at night,

And at daybreak, they still captivate your mind.

You absentmindedly search for a love to find,

As your heart puts up a mighty fight.


If you’re like me,

You love too much,

Letting it take you high,

Until on the floor, you lie.

Real love or no such.


If you’re like me,

You know when you want to speak,

But when you have to raise voice,

And you know you have the choice,

Your fears still increase and your knees still go weak.


If you’re like me,

You can’t look at the friends who love you now

And erase the lack of such thing in grade school

Or stop the echoing of the words they used to mock you,

Even after all the acceptance you have found.


If you’re like me,

You’ve worked to grow into your skin,

Every bruise and every scar

Beautifully crafted your journey thus far,

Yet all you can ever recall is your sins.


If you’re like me,

You cut yourself open and you’re the one who fired the shot.

Every twist and turn feels like the end of the world,

As the monsters are all you heard.

But, darling, I promise you it’s not.


If you’re like me,

You foul yourself day after day,

But I beg you to use the mercy rule,

I beg you to put an end to this duel,

I beg you to walk the other way.


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