Bye Bye Little Birdie

I see the light in your eyes,

The allure in their brightness,

Every time you speak of your dreams,

And all you want to achieve.


I feel the effect of my lack of ambition on your life.

You want to fly,

I want to rest.

You want it all,

I just want you.


But little birdie I don’t want to be the death of your ambition.

I want you to spread your wings and fly away.

Scale the mountain of your dreams,

Do it all,

Achieve it all.

Just feel the wind in your wings as you leave,

For I don’t want to be the anchor that holds you back.


Flap those wings and leave this tomb,

This tomb that will sure as daylight,

Be the final resting place of all you want to be.

Of all you need to be.


Bye bye birdie.

I will look up one of these days,

And I won’t see the sky,

I won’t see superman,

I will see you,

The little bird that flew away,

In pursuit of all she needed to be.

This poem is about: 
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

It's so appreciative how the words you choose to express this magnificent poem is descriptive
It connects to the essence of dreaming and being at peace
Well said brother

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