Best Friend

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Losing someone you love is the hardest thing that anyone can go through, It's so strange to think about them being gone when they were always there for you. Some people will never understand the love that we have for our pets, 
I started school at the fresh age of five, a tantrum ensued when mom left me behind, an eternity passes as the day finally ends, the bus drops me off past my house ‘round the bend, mom was there with a smile to take me back home, and when we got h
That boring, rude, and quiet, Who never leaves me behind Telling me, 'it isn't over yet' When all my hopes have died.   Always there in my sorrow, Lighten up my day.
Oh no, no, I can't find my pen, I really lost it, I cried like a baby; I can't believe I lost my best friend It sees me naked, perfectly imperfect and still loves me
You’re my best friend And I’ll love you until the end Even if you forget about me I’ll never forget all of the memories   We’ve made new friends
You put me in a box and there is where I stayed It was cold, dark, and lonely, but I loved you anyway Then a light approached me and I took a peep outside The air was warm and full of love,
Why I wonder As the sun warms my face A quiet cold day Where I feel a semblance of grace   Why I wonder Did he send me away? Now it wasn't his fault I knew that, anyway.
Have you ever seen a color and thought about what it would be like as a person? I wonder if it's personality is visible and certain.   How yellow sings when it sees the sun,
Have you ever seen a color and thought about what it would be like as a person? I wonder if it's personality is visible and certain.   How yellow sings when it sees the sun,
I love you. How can a phrase that small make someone's day, or month, or year.
I’ll always remember your kind loving heart, hoping fate will never tear us apart.   Looking back all those years, great love and everlasting tears.  
Once a friend, always a friend right? Sike, you thought, now she's complaining about kissing when you're so sick of her missing Support? Who is she supporting?  
Take your caring heart And mend your own soul. Look at them, you’ve done your part. You’ve taken it on as your role, Mending everyone from the start
Prosthetic      A piece of me,  piece of you.  Blithe memories, laid in ash.   The lethal dance of death illuminates your skin  An aggressive cold--  
I see you  your life  comes up on my screen  I see you will  always  choose her  she was there easier  you never believed in soulmates  until I became yours
You're dead and now it's my turn to make her stronger, to raise her up, to make her wiser.It's my turn to bend what you have broken, to fix the girl that you have demolished. To lead her where she needs to go, to hold her when she cries because ev
Talented, graceful, insightful, and smart That’s what you are to me Your choreography was a work of art  
Talented, graceful, insightful, and smart That’s what you are to me Your choreography was a work of art  
Dear Nikki I recently saw a post on twitter about this woman thanking her best friends for proving how important true friendship was
I was down, my mind sank straight through the Mariana trench. I was drenced, in self hatred and feelings that made no sense.
I came out of the womb A mere spark Ready to learn everything life has to offer Not sure where to begin Or how to go about it But I thank God for my mother She fueled my fire
I watch the birds fly above me, Feeling left out and alone.  So when you choose to fly around me,  I suddenly feel I belong.   You float by gently capturing my attention, Beautiful as my favorite song,
She is a cycle she doesn't understand. A whirlwind that sweeps you away without asking, a vacuum you never want to be free from. She engulfs you in her light when she's laughing, yet she's blind to her own brilliance.
Every time I try to write How much you mean to me, It comes out feeling cheesy So artifical, crazy.   You are my best friend, it's true I love you more than life. You can turn my day around,
10 feet The distance from my desk to yours I don’t know that for sure But it’s a close enough guess You and the other girls used to chase the boys at recess But you say That you only did it for Joseph
The conduit for my imagination To flourish The gatekeeper for my thoughts And ideas Poetry The things it done for me. Poetry Opens Everyone's Tailored Reflections Yearlong
Here’s a letter written to my best friend, With all of the reasons that I hate you. You annoy and pester me to no end.You show up to my house out of the blue.
Dear firefly,  It's been too long since I've seen you It's been too long since I've felt your touch      the brush of your hand on mine      the soft reassurance of your fingers skimming the skin on my face 
Dear Kelcee, It’s okay that we drifted apart, That’s just how things go sometimes, Just know you’ll always have a home in my heart. It’s okay that your life came crashing down,
Dear Katherine, My friend. My love. My life.   It’s was a new year.  I was starting over.  Not sure who to trust.  Not sure where to go.    Then I saw you.  Recognized your face. 
You lasted only 21 years on this 4.5 billion-year-old rock we call Earth. On a universal scale, each second in Earth's time represents 440 years.
Dear Ex Best Friend, I stand upon the shore of roaring sea Attempting to see all that I have lost. I dream what might have been and still might be.
to my best friend, call it whatever you want whatever this was it was us two stubborn teens stuck in this cycle going back and forth
Oh, my friend, how much we’ve endured Moments of communion  When reality has been suspended far above our heads Solace in a single glance Stability in a counter balance The honest voice
Dear Mo,   If only I didn’t have to write this letter Or say these words Life would look a lot sweeter It would taste like the ripest mango we’ve ever shared   Yet here I am Here we are
Dear Justin,  Only Fifteen  Still Learning How to Live  You taught me how to stay strong.  You gave me laughter and smiles.  During a time I only had sadness and grief.  You had me and I had you. 
To the girl with the beautiful soul,  
To whom it concerns…   Thank you. Thank you for being there when no one else was. Thank you for being my light in a room of darkness. Thank you for giving me hope things do get better.
Dear Heart-beat,
She is a crazy sun. She's weird, talkative, and has a bright personality. Never a dull moment with her. But she can make me feel old, this friend.
Sweet Baby Blue, you're a beautiful soul. They underestimate you. They push you to your limits. They tell you what path you should take in life. They tell you to chase what they believe is sure to be a better outcome than to follow your heart.
Dear Former Best Friend,   I can’t believe how long it’s been since we last talked.
Dear, Jep Can I be your shoes, And walk between your shadows and above the grass?   Can I be your backpack, And carry me off the train and up the hills?  
Approximately, there’s a 1 chance in 10^390 (it’s in scientific notation, and it happens to be quite the number, biggest number here actually.) of life on earth, it is so near to impossible that it would never happen in the 13 billion years or so
I knew it when I first saw you, Though we were much younger then, That you were special, you were meant to find me, That I loved you.   The beginning was not easy, We were young and irresponsible,
Because I love you, text me when you get home.  Because I love you,  go out with your friends and have a good time.  Because I love you,  have your freedom but I will be here for you. 
Because I love you…  I will bring you food at 3 in the morning. Listen to you ramble about last night. Remember the stories of of all the fake love you were hoarding, From men who could never treat you right.
I’m writing this poem about you Because I love you But everything you do for me Is because you love me   Thank you for being my friend Thank you for being there for me Thank you for being kind
Today I fucked on a letter you wrote to me a long time ago What it means? I dont know. But you wrote about Our garden.
You do not have the right to leave me. Do not use my birthday as a stake for when it’ll be over. Don’t you fucking do that. It’s not fair. We have plans. I don’t want to talk about you in the past tense.
Picture a lunch table full of melancholy twelve year olds.   She was one of them. She smiled and joked with friends at school, wearing stained and torn clothing,   but eating a hot lunch all the same.
Belittling Bestie Who’s Really A Beast You make me so MAD! You take my advice for granted. You don’t see how much I care about you.
The essence of love has a funny aroma to it. It sticks to the air in which it is breathed out and it is sucked back in the lungs. The essence of love has a gripping smell. 
To my best friend, You are quite possibly one of the most influential people in my life. We chose each other to call family. Since then, we've been there for each other.
The days can be long The afternoons, longer I can forget who I am sometimes And at times, the doubts can get stronger  But your name on my screen And your voice on the phone Are enough to reel me back in This, I'll always know  You remind me I'm s
you build with your words , you make sky scrapers from your sentences and cathedrals with stanzas ,
He is my Bestfriend. He's the Wind Beneath My Wings. He is Always There. 
She is always there for me when I need her the most, She always gives me what I need, and to her I toast. What you did to me, ya she already knows, So be prepared for the show.  
If you break my heart, I will not be shocked I’m waiting   Not wanting, It’s called preparation It’s haunting,
And to think that all along you were worth the wait The tears, the longing, the lonely summer days And every regret disappears with the shadows When the sunshine finally rolls around.  
What do you do When you believed in something for so long And it crashed and burned But days bring it back to you In different form? How can you embrace again  What you loved
Sometimes the brightest star The one carrying the most promise And the object of your love and hope                         f                              a                                    l
There is one more thing to put in our jar. I laugh at all of the jokes I unfold. We've come a long way to get where we are. I know you will be there as I grow old.
she has the exterior of a blissful silhouette but an interior like a shattered vase. words slip through the crevices of her mind with slick, soft movements, creating waves within her mind, and hurricanes within her body. her eyes reflect the shini
it was anonymous, her name was never said, but i knew, my pain knew, without finishing the Message: because We had spoken about it before, my voice burning with love
What went wrong? I had you at my side when we started out I had you and held you and called you "best friend" But please tell me What went wrong?   I loved a girl and she wasn't you
judah The problem was never that i didn’t love you enough the problem was that i i have always loved you too fiercely
You changed my world   The dark tunnel has gotten shorter, there's a light and I feel a bit warmer,  The rain has slowed down, the clouds have dispersed, I feel the storm has reversed 
You changed my world   The dark tunnel has gotten shorter, there's a light and I feel a bit warmer,  The rain has slowed down, the clouds have dispersed, I feel the storm has reversed 
Life can be overwhelming. (No, let me restate that) Life can be Condescendingly, Overbearing with its Unrelenting,
little wet nose on my palms, toenail clicks on the floor, little snores from the blankets, that's what makes me feel good.   slobber lips placed on my leg, chewed up toy in my room,
I fell in a dream. As he sat right beside me. Laughing and smiling, thinking of rhymes in his head. He visions our group walking up the stage
She’s there for me through thick and thin, No matter the state of mind I’m in. When I’m down, she’s right with me. I’m the lock, and she’s the key.   I’ve never had anyone like her.
With Her, Faces, names, places, All the world spins past, On a colorful carousel   Within grasp, But She is next to me I don't care for anyone else She's here They're not.  
The pure delight I am greeted with every time I come home The warm snuggles I am treated to every night The soft snores I hear just as we fall asleep together
I’ve had a long day. I’m coming home. I kick off my shoes, Moaning and groaning.   Then I see you. My face lights up.   You run towards me. You jump on me. You lick my face.
there is no greater feeling than to have you in my life my shining star my thoughtful moon you are the reason why i am 16 you are the reason why i have survived you are the reason i wake up each day
This is not a love poem Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there isn’t love -because there is- This love just isn’t as easy
Poetry is an art It is not seen, it is felt Words flow like water from my pen   It helps express emotion from my heart Worn around my waist, a black belt A Different kind of adrenaline  
the best friend i never asked for  listening to my problems all day, and knowing exactly what to say. no matter how i'm feeling  you will alwys be there for me  no questions asked
This poem was written by my best friend, Deland Wheeler. He passed away in a motorcycle accident one month ago, and his mother made me promise that I publish his poetry, so that people will see Deland's inner light. Enjoy!  
He tried. He really did try to make me his everything. And then you got in the way. Funny, ironic even. You told him to love me Then you ruin it the first chance you get. Bipolar much?
another year another fear fear of being lost and not succeeding   another year will take us to places, new and
I remember when I first talked to him. He was awkward, he was polite, he was grammatically correct. I didn’t think we’d have that click. He’s the one I go to when I feel alone, when everything is caving in and making it hard for me to breathe.
Without her I’d have nobody to murmur jokes to At the grocery store While confused shoppers wonder why we’re giggling    
She’s my best friend, The one who I will always defend. And although she’s been around awhile, Nobody’s got a better smile. A life of hardship and struggle,
We have a special bond that no one will ever take away I cannot see my life without him The day he came to my life was the most joyful day of my life Through hard work we have become successful We inspire each other
All I need's a friend, Someone to talk to at days end. If the day was long and tiring, Being with her can leave me smiling . The island can be dry or cold, But with her the time will never grow old.
Cool waves crest and break against the bleached shore The sun, a glowing orb, reflects daggers into my eyes 10 days have passed Since the crash 6 days have passed              Since the food ran out
Sister you are me You are all of me You are a part of me  Without you I am not me Without you these things wouldn't be: Coffee dates on rainy days Embarrasing videos we post for all to see
one human is all i need: one that will wipe away my tears, one with unconditional love to give, one selfless human.   one is all it takes to change the world: one is all it took to fix me,
As I walk through life with her by my side,She sees me for what I am. There is no other person I'd rather be with,And we leave each other all too soon. College. It's coming, chasing us out of our last few monthsof high school.
If deserted, who would I be Without the one beside me? Who raised me as I am, Taught me the difference between jelly and jam. Who let me bounce on his head, And tucked me tightly to bed.
She kept a roof over my head And made sure I stayed fed If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here My heart is where I hold her near   She gave me everything, her love, time, and advice.
Dear child, why do you hurt all the time? Don't you see that your life brings joy to mine?   Dear friend, won't you please smile at me? Seeing your dimples is all that I need.  
We could have been sisters In another life, we should have been After all, you are my mirror.   You know me better than anyone And always know what to say After all, you are my mirror.  
What can’t I live without? I think through the list, of things I use everyday. My car, my phone, journals, pencils, others.  
I never thought that I would have a friend like you You make me feel complete I’m surprised we get along Because we are so different We pick each other up
How Could You? How could you know? We were only kids. We were only best friends. How could you know? The signs of depression.
All I need is Sydney There is rhyme and reason why  Stranded on an island without her I may die she keeps me sane and stable;  She is my best friend can't you tell 
It was 8th grade when I first met you. I was alone. Cuts on your arms and demons in my head. Our worlds collided And somehow, us two, who were destined to self-destruct, were saved.
Emily, My personal angel   Always there for me With just what I need Always able to put a smile on my face   Can make me smile when all I want to do is cry Can turn my frown upside down,
When you don’t understand the thoughts in your brain, its the scariest thing in the world.  Nothing around you makes sense.  You don’t feel like yourself, and no one can help.
The monster took over his mind. Leaving him with nothing but the thought of drugs. Everyday I lose more and more sight of him. Standing here by myself with no way to help. The monster became more important than me.
My best friends gone My transparent key The petals fall Black dresses and shoes Exstinece's narrow halls No matter what I lose
When God creates His souls
Dear tall tree ,how good you been to me. Over the years you shielded me for my fears,  Taught me how to drive , even how to survive You been more nurturing to me than my own family tree
Side-by-side dressed alike double takes "Are you two twins?"   My little shadow  almost as old as I am you look up to me but you have no idea how much I look up to you.  
Hey, best friend, it's time to wake, for we have a big, fun day. We'll have a breakfast too big for two, and recall memories about me and you. We'll brush our teeth, minty fresh,
“she’s my person, she makes my life so honorably awesome.
Anna “You can’t have sex wearing a wig” she said That line could’ve made me laugh If she wasn’t clutching the sides of her head Wondering what choice did she have.  
When you came I thought I was fine I was hidden inside, surrounded by name and faces I said hello welcome now, these are those I love You just smile and came along for the ride that I made
Every road i went down with you I turned down the wrong street And every path we crossed together                                                                              I thought was harming myself
For you   You're the friend I always wanted  You're the sister I never had  You may not think your your perfect but to me your just that  I may of taught you love and kindnes 
Blistered ego, aching self,scared girl in lion's mane.Teeth bared, upturnedto keep sanity.  I don't wantto inconvenience, I
Books are my real best friends. I know exactly what they are thinking. I know all the chapters of their lives. Their characters become my family and
They keep telling me it'll turn out okay I try to believe 'em every time they say, "I know it's been hard but it'll get better" They want me to move on but all I do is remember
Best Friend I’ve known you for so long, oh my dear one You’ve made me laugh and cry over the years The times we’ve been apart and its not done For we have gone through many laughs and tears
Best Friend I’ve known you for so long, oh my dear one You’ve made me laugh and cry over the years The times we’ve been apart and its not done For we have gone through many laughs and tears
I look at you Honest brown eyes Asking me a question without words. You smile and we laugh but yet you seem sad. I take your hand, trying to grasp the reason
If I could ask a simple favor, from memories I simply savor, I would change my history,
This is what it's like? Having friends I mean. Having people love you, Having them care.   This is what friends get me? Memories full of smiles to overshadow those of sorrow?  
When I first met you I was determined to be your friend Everyday I'd come over Just to see you again. I'd do the sneakiest shit To see if you would smile It's the most fun I've had
A year ago, my best friend became my love. God changed my life forever, for blessing me with him. He makes me happier than ever and I love him so much. I do not know what I would do without my best friend, my love.
Everything to you is a contest of snobbery Cunning and soul-less is how you wish we would be You drive us apart by dangling the carrot in front of our faces Ignorant is the student who actually chases
When I'm lonely, you're there to keep me company. When I'm broken, you're there to fix me. When I'm lost, you're there to find me. It may not seem like much, but it means the world to me.
What was once cherished is now just a memory A constant imitation stapled in her mind Robbing her of her happiness like a burglary Breaking her soul down every time   Every day seemed to become harder
It is stagnant.The dark intimidates me.My subconscious is cruel.There is a suspension of time that I am profoundly aware of.He's here! He speaks to me. The words are incoherent and stumble though my mind.
We grew up together In the suburbs of a small town Where we noticed the weather  Didn't change when the sun went down It stayed hot forever But we found ways around  Like the black crows feather
Even from the start, things were different. You understood and listened. Like a pipe line in a tornado -  you stayed while everyone else left. Prickers and needles came out as closed wounds
When I see birches bend to left and right Across the lines of straighter darker trees, I like to think some boy's been swinging them. But swinging doesn't bend them down to stay
Behind those eyes dark and deep I see a shadow there that sleeps, and through it all I’d hear you call your voice’d be there as if you care! Bah, to think you feel anything…
I was in complete and utter shock when I heard that you had killed yourself I wish I knew why you did it I went to your memorial a couple of weeks ago, and you thought a lot of times that you weren't
With a force greater than gravity I'd fight for you, Because this life won't mean a thing if you're not sheltered beneath my wing, With a depth deeper than the darkest abyss I can relate to you,
Do you want to know how I feel? There are butterflies swarming around my stomach at all times of my existence. My bones shake and my heart rate goes through the roof.
Come My love My sweet dove I miss you so I look for you above And yet they tell me to say no They say to say no to the love that grows When you left me, left for good I said I was done
Drama queen You cause a scene Just shut up! No one cares about your shoes Or who’s your boo Being ridiculous Is what you do best. Stop talking please Do it for me
It's hard to live in a world full of hate, but there's always people out there you need. Don't try to deter that of your fate, great friends will come by but they aren't for greed.
The day she is not with me is the day that I die following her always, with no frown or no sigh. My life would not be complete without my very best friend I know she'll always be here,
BFFL’s For Life? I had to find new friends, Coming to a new place. The ones that would truly love me, And never leave me, This became my new race.
I love you Not the sweet kind and innocent you But the ugly you The unveiling, unedited, and inappropriate The one that makes me cry- the real you In your voice there’s bass breaking my hearts barriers
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