Another Year

another year

another fear

fear of being lost

and not succeeding


another year will take us to

places, new and

people unknown

but i know you’ll be here besides me


another year new people around

but you’re the one I value–

the one that knows me, makes me smile

one of a few I can turn to


I have my secrets I have my doubts

about this world we live in

I may not always share them aloud

but you are never judgin’


the most important lesson in life

is learning how to walk alone

conquering our personal demons

and learning how to love

is dangerous and beautiful

heartbreaking yet unavoidable


but I feel safe, being brave

because I am assured,

I’ve found confidence,

saw true beauty and radiance

growing up with you


I thank the universe

for crossing our paths

it’s been a blessing

having you in my life


another year

as we grow older

I’ll be with you

until this world is through

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


Ganguly Sumit

This poem has been a mirror of your heart. Nice.

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