Sun, 03/03/2019 - 13:48 -- KMcFaul




A piece of me, 

piece of you. 

Blithe memories,

laid in ash.


The lethal dance

of death

illuminates your skin 

An aggressive cold--


Leaps into our lungs

More than once 

Two different ways:


tranquility, you 
consuming, me-- 

The monstrous crawl

into my chest.

You lie at rest. 


And with awestruck memory, 

It silents coarse beliefs. 

Until, desperate reality 


A land of illusory 


The doleful dread 

It covers the void 


Not mistaken with full 

The patronizing thought 

Of absence, to be without 

And not within.  


Prosthetics of voices

Never you. 

Never a piece of me,

piece of you. 




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