What Went Wrong

What went wrong?

I had you at my side when we started out

I had you and held you and called you "best friend"

But please tell me

What went wrong?


I loved a girl and she wasn't you

But you didn't care that I was a girl too

You loved me as much as I loved her

But refused to speak when I asked you

What went wrong?


Our summer of fun was all planned out

Yet nothing on our list of wishes came true

We had such high expectations

But school came

And you still denied that there was an answer

To the question of

What went wrong


School hit fast, but the flood hit faster

By the end of this devastating disaster

I became skilled with toxic fumes and sledge hammers

And to no longer being affected by the washed out dreams

I was the master

I saw the hopes and memories of so many

Lining the streets with the trash

But in this I could clearly see

What went wrong


In the hardworking weeks that followed

I needed you and tried to speak to you

You never reached out

You always backed away from me

You hardly answered my texts

Here I am, asking and pleading

What went wrong?


The three weeks after the August flood

Was some of the hardest I've ever seen

I was only seventeen

And here I was

I lost my state

I lost my grandmother

And I lost you

I was a wreak and I wished I knew

What went wrong


But now I see what pushed you away

Your love for me was a child's dream

In that flood, I grew up

I matured

And you were stuck in the mud and rotting drywall

Wallowing in self-pity and self-destruction

I finally saw

What went wrong


I refused to be your weapon against yourself

I'll take your blame since you are incapable of doing it yourself

You're still a kid to me, a child

No matter how many times you tried to convince me otherwise

And I'm glad you're gone because I love myself now

You did nothing but drag me down

So now I know, now I see

You were never right for me

I think that you leaving me

Was when I could finally see

What went right

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