Best Friends For Life?

BFFL’s For Life?

I had to find new friends,
Coming to a new place.
The ones that would truly love me,
And never leave me,
This became my new race.

I didn’t know anyone,
I was so lost.
When I found these two girls,
I knew I had to keep them,
No matter the cost

I was a blabbering baboon.
When Sydney was the first to show.
Skip forward a year,
And we could not be closer,
Whenever I see her I’m like “WHOA!”

There is nothing in the world,
That is better than this girl
Then my best friend asked her out,
What could I do?
I don’t want this couple to unfurl.

Then there’s Miss Jenna Maye,
I could easily leave this section blank.
Because there are no English words,
To describe my feelings for her.
When I first saw her my heart sank

Me and her were closer,
Than anyone ive ever known.
All of a sudden,
She is dating a good friend of mine,
Without a warning I become unknown

If I gave them all I had,
They would toss it in the trash.
It took my whole life,
To get there eyes wide open.
But now all we do is clash.


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