To A Very Dear Best Friend


United States
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I was in complete and utter shock when I heard that you had killed yourself
I wish I knew why you did it
I went to your memorial a couple of weeks ago, and you thought a lot of times that you weren't
Loved, but man, everybody there was there because they loved you (myself among them)
You should've seen everybody that was there crying because they loved you and now you're gone
You said that you were alone a lot, but man, you were never alone!!!!!
You had me and my mom who would've listened to you and talked to you anytime you wanted to
All you had to do was call the house phone, and all of the friends who showed up at your
Memorial proves that you were never alone!
You probably could've called them or talked to them on Facebook and they would've listened
I wish I hadn't let a girl control me so much that I didn't talk with you for almost 2 years
I miss you immensely, probably more than you know
I can't help but feel that if you had talked to me that night, you might still be here today
Cuz about 9 times out of 10, I could talk you out of doing something bad
I have always loved you as a friend and as a brother
I will always love you and you shall remain in my heart for many years to come!!!!!!!!!!
I hope to see you again someday!!!!!!!

R. I. P. Zachary Dale Gritzmacher
January 25, 1991-March 16, 2011
Friend to many, brother to some


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