Every road i went down with you
I turned down the wrong street
And every path we crossed together                                                                             
I thought was harming myself
You may not know but I struggled
With everyone asking me why do you still talk to her? 
Those late night runs to your house to see you
Drink hot chocolate
Decorate the christmas tree
Watch movies
Laugh on the floor with a tub of ice cream
Drink root beer and tell bad jokes
The bike rides and cross word puzzles 
The songs we wrote and boys we KILLED for one another every time they'd turn our backs on us and hurt us
When they'd ask i'd tell them that
But in the long run
After i burnt the paths and covered up the roads
I realized I was smiling
Every second i was with you
What am i now
Self conscious
I hope one day we can start a new path
Every time you laugh at my joke or wave hello
I wish I could be at dinner with your family again
Because you were home.  


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