A Letter to My Brokenhearted Best Friend

To the girl with the beautiful soul,


You are amazing. You are beautiful and intelligent. You are a wonderful listener, a terrible pun maker, and the only person I would want to sit in a Waffle House with at 2 AM drinking endless coffee and listening to country music on the juke box. 


You are my best friend. You are far away.  And you are hurting right now.


I wish I do something to magically make the pain disappear, but I know I can’t. I can only offer words and hope that that is enough. 


i. the first thing that came to my mind when i got my heart broken for the very first time was “why didn’t he want me? why wasn’t I enough?” and you know what the saddest thing was? i was enough. i was, and i just didn’t realize it at the time. you might be wondering the same thing, but darling, you are enough. you are more than enough. you are the wind in the trees and the whole tidal wave. you are a force to be reckoned with, and he lost that. i can’t believe he was so reckless with someone whose love he didn’t even deserve.


ii. the second thing i remember was thinking “the pain will never end,” but all scars heal and fade over time. it’s funny how time works because day by day, nothing seems to change but one day, you wake up and realize you don’t think about him that much anymore. you lived without him once, and you can live without him again. surround yourself with people you love and things you care about, and little by little it will get easier.


iii. the third thing i remember feeling is empty. so damn empty. that i would say is the most dangerous thing. i have been empty for a long, long time. sometimes i want to punch a wall or scream or cry just so i can feel something again. but don't be like me. instead, turn your emptiness towards him so that when you see him again, you feel nothing. don’t turn empty to the world because there are so many things left to see and hear and feel and experience. don’t let him deprive you of that. you deserve to experience everything. you deserve to feel alive.


i wish i could be there for you. and it really sucks that i can’t. but please just always remember that i am one call away. 



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the one who misses you the most



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