One Love: Written by Deland Wheeler

This poem was written by my best friend, Deland Wheeler. He passed away in a motorcycle accident one month ago, and his mother made me promise that I publish his poetry, so that people will see Deland's inner light. Enjoy!


Walkin' in the street

while listening to the voice of God;

never skipping a beat.

The love was building up,

so I took a seat,

noticing beaneath me,

they all destroyed love.

All they knew

was how to push and shove,

but they forgot the most important thing;

they forgot how to hug.

So, then I started to think,

on how we're on the brink

of calamity.

We cannot let civilization sink,

steering in the course

of insanity.

Gettin' away from society;

that brings on piety,

and that makes 'em feel

like they got immortality.

And know when I'm sayin' it,

I keep sayin' it slow

so the soundwaves

can start to go;

start to flow.

The word begins to conquer

the inner conclaves of your mind.

Somewhere, deep in there,

your soul will find

the questions and answers of God,

and the solutions of mine;

the balance

between good and evil,

is a thin line.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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