Best Friend

Hey, best friend, it's time to wake,

for we have a big, fun day.

We'll have a breakfast too big for two,

and recall memories about me and you.

We'll brush our teeth, minty fresh,

and argue about who's hair is best.

Uh-oh, Mommy's here,

argue over, yell and cheer.

Night time again,

but we're not tired,

Let's laugh and spin in our night attire.


Hey, best friend, rise and shine

you've got friends and I've got mine.

Hey, just come and hang with me,

but I know you've got "no time" for me.

However, I'm not some toy you can put in your pocket,

so, come on and we'll talk about it.

The day gets dark,

But the problem's not over.

You know what?

I think it's just a phase.


Hey, best friend, it's a brand new day.

We have got money to save.

Shining cars and high school for me,

and music with bands for you.

How do we have room for two?

Well, "who cares," we scream happily.

Despite all the screaming and crying,

we kick and slap,

but we're over that.

At least until tomorrow.

Night draws near,

but no sleep for us.

Let's grab the popcorn and relax,

It's movie time.


Hey, best friend, I've got to get up early.

A plane flight waits for me.

High school is over,

and my life is waiting.

My car is dirty and my scholarships are paying off,

and I hope your band will take off.

I know you're sad even as you say, "I don't care."

Don't worry, I promise I'll be back soon.

Night falls an hour earlier for me.

Come on now let's go to sleep.

I love you, best friend that I can always keep.

My little sister.

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My family
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