My Best Friend

She’s my best friend,

The one who I will always defend.

And although she’s been around awhile,

Nobody’s got a better smile.

A life of hardship and struggle,

Yet she always stayed out of trouble.

There’s no one more humble,

She never let the family crumble.

She’s the oldest of five,

and helped her siblings survive.

But she didn’t stop after her brothers,

She helped raise many others.

She left her family after she married,

Moved to Doylestown where she became legendary.

Left home at seventeen,

Still a pro with the sewing machine.

Still living in the house they built together,

In Ohio with the crazy weather.

They raised their four kids in that house,

Now she’s raising two of theirs without a spouse.

She’s raised several generations,

All within the same foundation.

She says she’ll move out someday,

But we all know that house on the corner is where she’ll stay.

Money doesn’t mean a thing to her,

If you’re not healthy, what are you good for?

She took me in when I was ten,

If only I could go back to then.

I just recently moved out,

Best eight years, without a doubt.

I call her every single day,

To tell her I love her in every single way.


Without her God only knows where I’d be

And I don’t know how I got so lucky

to have a woman like her, raise me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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