To my best friend

I was down, my mind sank straight through the Mariana trench.
I was drenced, in self hatred and feelings that made no sense.
I was dense, thinking the world was made to ignore those who were upset. But people won't know your hurting if you don't give them the chance.
But now it's all better, because you told me I was greater than the thoughts that kept me up at night and made me a self hater.
Now I'm greater, than that person that I used to be or used to see, I'm smiling brighter than I could have ever been, without you.
Without you, I would never try to stand taller than the redwoods and reach farther than the exosphere.
Thats why I want you to know I'm here, to help you through all of your fears, the way you helped me through mine.
And now I cry. But thats good because that's a part of the healing.
Now there's meaning, to life and the experiences that shock us from what we're hearing.
I'm not leaving, and I pray that you don't either. I pray I keep you here the way you've kept me here throughout these crazy years.
Life got harder, but now I have someone that keeps my mind sound. Do you even know how great you are or how much I need you around?
Your the most honest person I know, I never have to wonder if your lying. You make the world a better place just by Being a part of it.
I love you, and I thank you, sometimes I feel I don't tell you enough. But thank Orion's belt above that you are who you are.
Thank you best friend .

This poem is about: 
My family


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