There's Always Sunshine After Rain

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 15:29 -- BerryHD


What was once cherished is now just a memory

A constant imitation stapled in her mind

Robbing her of her happiness like a burglary

Breaking her soul down every time


Every day seemed to become harder

As she tries to remove the arrows in her heart

With no shoulder of her mother or father

Her world was slowly falling apart


Days turned to weeks, while nothing was getting better

The sun looked colorless and the clouds appeared dark

As the rain that fell felt colder and wetter

The storm inside her raged like an amusement park


People left the broken girl alone

Walking the streets with no one holding her hand

She finally decided to create her own tombstone

Where she could be peaceful forever in dreamland


I felt sorrow for this girl

No one needed to bare such a burden

I decided to take her out her outrageous twirl

To take away the feeling of being an orphan



The girl had no one

No friends or family to call upon

Her days on this earth were thought to be done

No one would care if she was withdrawn


However I won’t let her go not ever, not tonight

I walked towards her with determination and stride

Hugged her from behind and whispered everything is alright

Her body began to shake and her eyes grew wide


Rain fell once more however slow and clear

Releasing all her pain and fears

New feelings started to appear

As all her worries were washed away in her tears


To this day the girl smile is grand

The storm within her came to an end

With another holding her right hand

She finally found a friend


We stayed together, for this story is true

Continuing to walk side by side for everyone to see

Every day for her feels rejuvenated and new

Because this my friend, is the story of Berry and Bri




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