Furry Euphoria

The pure delight I am greeted with every time I come home

The warm snuggles I am treated to every night

The soft snores I hear just as we fall asleep together

The excited air he brings every time "walk" or "park" is mentioned

The endless laughs because of playful moments

The two lazy eyes, combined with an underbite, that always keep me giggling

The empathetic kisses when I am sick

The adventures we take around the neighborhood together

The multitude of pictures he poses for to please me

The way he delivers his leash to me when he decides it's time for a walk

The never-ending entertainment I am blessed with when I watch him at the park

The lazy Sundays we spend lounging all day together 

The bitter-sweet mornings when he wakes me up before my alarm

The innocent head tilts he uses to persuade me to feed him extra

The way HE lets US live in his house

My best friend

My dog

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