When A Fairytale Dissovles

What do you do

When you believed in something for so long

And it crashed and burned

But days bring it back to you

In different form?

How can you embrace again 

What you loved

For the promises it foretold

And how can you accept 

The reality that remains 

When a fairytale dissolves

And you are a stranger

To the brokenness in its place?

I choose to pick up the pieces 

To kiss them until they are healed

To embrace them to show

That even when you let your guard down

You are still lovable and acceptable to me

Your failures are mine

When I chose to call you sister

And friend.

I choose to push aside my bitterness

And my disappointment

My jealousies and my desires

Because, darling, you

Are treasure worth the rubble

In the digging.

You are more than what I let define you

And God called you Beautiful

When he foretold a destiny

Beside what I wished were true

So I'll love the rest

I'll love what's left of you.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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