The Kid Soul- A Member of My Little Group Of Friends

She is a crazy sun. She's weird, talkative, and has a bright personality. Never a dull moment with her. But she can make me feel old, this friend. Whenever I tell her my thoughts, there must be this whole discussion and she makes jokes when there shouldn't be any. We don't always see eye to eye, so I don't tell her things that often. She's a young soul. Probably the youngest soul in our little group. I say that because all I see when I look at her is a kid who has yet to understand a lot of things and who is still finding her way in this world (Not that I have a clear path either, but she's a kid nonetheless). She has yet to know about life, soulful things, and philosophies. I feel like an older lady talking to a happy kid with sparkles in her eyes, kicking her feet as they dangle from the chair she's sitting in. The most we have in common is age and religion and I'm Christian and she's Muslim. *laughs*. I love Muslims, don't get me wrong. Despite all the times I've ever gotten angry at this kid soul, despite how tired she can make me, and despite all the times she has ever made me feel alone, old, or just so misunderstood, I would fight for her and be here for her. Why? Because she's one of my best friends and I love her. Can't say if we'll keep in touch, but I'm just saying that she was my first best friend at a new school and she's here for me, even if she doesn't understand me. At least she tries. God bless this soul, this young soul. Bless her with a few years of experience and more life so we'll have something we both can relate to. *laughs*. I'm not the oldest soul in the group either, but I'm just saying that she has a lot to see and experience. So, with that, I say again God bless her. My kid of a friend. I'm here for ya buddy when life gets heavy on your shoulders so you won't carry the weight all by yourself. 
























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