This is not a love poem

Now don’t get me wrong

I’m not saying there isn’t love

-because there is-

This love just isn’t as easy

To explain in concrete words.

Since I’m writing this for your birthday

I suppose I should congratulate you

For surviving another year

Surrounded by illogical humans.

I’ve known you for about 3 years

And really been friends for about 2

But I feel I’ve known you

For my whole life-

I feel I’ve told you everything.

You are the best friend

That I’ve ever had

And one I’d truly consider

To be a soulmate of mine.

We may mess around a lot

-call each other idiots-

But I hope you know I don’t mean it

I hope you know I love you.

I feel slightly silly writing this

-though I know you’ll appreciate it-

Because you say you’re not a fan

Of the cheesy romance things.

However- I very much am

So you’ll just have to deal

With me saying how much you mean to me

And how lucky I am to have you

Even though you could do better

For some reason you chose me.

I may once have had a crush on you

Now I’m happy with a platonic wife

And I’d trust you with my life

-though I hope it doesn’t come to that-

This is not a love poem

It’s just a human sign of the deep affection I hold for you

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