A Friend


They keep telling me it'll turn out okay

I try to believe 'em every time they say,

"I know it's been hard but it'll get better"

They want me to move on but all I do is remember

I miss the old days when everything was good

We goofed off together whenever we could

I never thought we could be severed

But I guess nothing can really last forever

You say you're still here and I want to believe

But it's so hard to do when all I can see

Is your smiling face next to someone new

And I keep thinking that should be me standing next to you

I'm okay when i don't think too much

But my mind often fails me 'cause you were my crutch

My one and only, my very best friend

The one that would be with me 'til the very end

Somehow I feel the end came too soon

You're sorting me out so you can make room

For all the others coming into your life

I knew this would happen but it was never alright

I never kept secrets and I never did lie

I told you my stories yet we said goodbye

I hoped it wouldn't be so long, I prayed you would stay

So my heart will keep breaking every second you're away

I could talk forever about how perfect you are

But words don't do you justice, you're better by far

What happened to those days when it was just us

You've gone and they've come but they're not nearly enough

How can I possibly tell you how much you mean to me

You were my everything, you set me free

When it was you and me that was all it was

Just two people perfect together, it was us

Where has the time gone since we were

It's slipped through my fingers and all is a blur

I'm sorry to say this but I'm very broken

Our final goodbye tore my chest open

I hate to tell you this, it's such a big burden

But my point needs to be clear, I need to be certain

That you understand how I feel about you

And that you always remember my word is the truth

You'd be sorely mistaken if you thought I'd forget

Any of our promises, I have no regrets

We had some amazing moments in our past

Sadly I don't know that our goodbye wasn't our last

I'd love it to be us all over again

I keep replaying each scene once more in my head

If I could have influenced your decision to stay

I'd have done it so quickly, I'd try any way

I'm sorry if I bore you, I'm sorry this is lame

But it's all I can do to keep myself sane

If you read this through you might realize

How much I love you and how much I've tried

To remind myself it's better to have loved and lost

Than to have never loved at all, whatever the cost

I still wish you were here, so I'll watch the stars fall

And keep hoping one will bring you to me in the end of it all


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