Best friend

When you don’t understand the thoughts in your brain, its the scariest thing in the world. 

Nothing around you makes sense. 

You don’t feel like yourself, and no one can help.

Internally you’re screaming, but on the outside you act perfectly fine. 



Only a few people know how to make you better.

But you keep pushing them away and eventually they leave. 

You want them to stay, but its too late. 

Only one person stays, and only one person is willing to listen. 

They know you like the back of your hand. 



They help you fight your monsters until they go away. 

But, when they creep back into your life they are always there to fight again.

You don’t understand why they even like you. 

You’re negative and hate most things. 



But they always reassure you that they love and care about you. 

You just don’t understand why. 

You don’t deserve someone like them, or at least you won’t admit it. 

You love the attention, they give you because its the first time someones actually cared. 



You never want them to leave your side.

Every time you see them your mood instantly changes. 

You can be in the worst mood, but right when you see them you smile.

You love them with all your heart. 



You’ve told them everything about your life. 

And you know everything about theirs. 

You never judge them on anything, and they never judge you. 

They're your best friend. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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