I see you 

your life 

comes up on my screen 

I see you will 


choose her 

she was there


you never believed in soulmates 

until I became yours

how was it so 

easy for you to lie to me? 

I called myself crazy 

"she wouldn't do that" 

"I'm paranoid" 

but weren't you 

just like everyone else 

jumping at 

the chance 

for something better than the 




didn't you take 

All my fears and 

make them my new reality? 

why do I still let you 

hold me hostage 

with the promises 

you couldn't keep? 

why didn't I walk away

from you the moment 

I saw your face? 

if I could go back 

I'd erase you 

never let you be 

apart of my memories 

ever again 


this is the part 

where you thought 

I was writing of a lover 

but don't 

best friends 

hurt us so much more? 

This poem is about: 



this was really heartbreaking but I really enjoyed reading your work.

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