A year of healing

it was anonymous, her name was never said, but i knew, my pain knew, without finishing the Message:

because We

had spoken about it before, my voice burning with love

and as my words fill the room her mind tells her, “don’t listen, they’re lying to you”

“you’re worthless, they just can’t admit it to you” and so

here we are and i’m crying so much

why did you think that you didn’t deserve more

time on this earth than

anyone else that has ever walked it, why did you

try to die, do you realize

you have more potential than all the stars in the sky, I


upon this new year’s night for you

to stop asking death if he could

stop by and see

if it

works in his schedule to take you with him, too.


your mind was a mystery to all of the rest, we never knew when you would silently Thank

a car for almost hitting you

and then cursing it for

not taking you, for not being

your ticket out of this world so

life didn’t have to be hard, so this year, you wouldn’t have to be so brave.


what i write is anonymous, i thought in my head, but she’ll know that it’s her without seeing a Name

because it

had all been said before by me and

here we are on a new year again, you

seem to not care if he can

or if he can’t, you have

life now, Death doesn’t mean as much to you now, you can have the



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My family
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