Elle Rend La Vie Belle

With Her,

Faces, names, places,

All the world spins past,

On a colorful carousel


Within grasp,

But She is next to me

I don't care for anyone else

She's here

They're not.


With Her,

The music never ends

It goes on and on,

Forever a careless tune


Within my heart

But loud enough

For everyone to hear

to see 

Her with me.


With Her, 

Nothing is simple

Everything a fuss

A pout on her lips


Within that moment

I want to kiss

Her bad mood away,

Connect every freckle

With the stars in Her eyes.


With Her,

Wind rushes by

My hand in Hers,

Every fizzy burst of love

Floating out the window


Within Her car

We count the stars

From the back road

Our heads and hearts close

Beating together,




With Her,

Life is Beautiful

Within our universe,

She is Beautiful.












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